Young Athlete Training


This is a fitness and athletic performance training program for kids. We focus on dynamic athletic development for youth in ALL sports (e.g. hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, track & field, etc). Our program is designed to improve athletic performance and all around physical conditioning for young athletes looking to excel in their given sport. It is also an excellent way for non-athletes to improve fitness and confidence for future athletic endeavors or general well-being. Our goal is to make fitness fun and produce results! Serious participants only please!

This program runs the entire year. We work primarily on strength, speed, agility and power following an undulating periodization plan which means we train for all components of fitness every week and multiple components in each workout (ie strength, agility, power). Young athletes who commit to at least 2 sessions per week will see an improvement in fitness after as little as 12 weeks. 

All ability levels are welcome! We design all our training programs to be easily modifiable for different skill and ability levels as well as to provide a safe and effective workout for all participants.

General guidance for youth on optimizing nutrition and lifestyle choices to maximize athletic performance will also be provided with this program. We will also offer monthly kids only yoga classes for those interested. 


Schedule and Billing

We offer flexible scheduling and billing options and no contracts or minimum commitment is required... availability may be limited as we do have a capacity on the number of young athletes we can train. 

Parents are able to pick their childs start and end date for training based on their sports seasons and other commitments. We offer auto-billing every 2 weeks or the entire training period can be paid up front. 

The age range for this program is mainly 8-13yrs old and it is a mix of boys and girls. We program our workouts so that we can easily modify them for different ages and ability levels to make them easier or more challenging as needed so new participants are always welcome!


3 Training Sessions Per Week

Tuesday/Thursday @ 6:30pm
Saturday @ 9:30am 

* sessions are 1 hour, we suggest attending at least 2 sessions per week to maximize results




auto-billing is done every 2 weeks for $40+tax (no contracts, cancel anytime)

pre-payment options are available (ie. 12 weeks training total, parent pays $240+tax up front)

1/2 price option is also available if your child can only attend 1x per week

*prices subject to 13% tax




 871 Niagara St #14 Welland, ON, L3C 6Y1