Services and prices


If you're interested in a trial class or signing up for a membership please contact us and we'll get you setup!

1 Class/week

Every 2 Weeks
1 reserved class per week (any class)

2 classes/week

Every 2 Weeks
2 reserved classes per week (any class)
keyed gym access


Every 2 Weeks
3 reserved classes per week (any class)
unlimited additional classes
keyed gym access
nutrition & lifestyle coaching

Yoga/Cycle ONLY unlimited

Every 2 Weeks
2 reserved yoga or cycle classes only
unlimited additional yoga or cycle

4 Class Pass

4 drop-in classes
classes added to your account so you can sign yourself up through the website.
can be used for any class.
no expiry

Gym Access Only

Every 2 Weeks
keyed gym access
open M-F 4am-11pm, Sat/Sun 7-7
*requires in person application as this is primarily meant for individuals getting personal training.

*no-contracts with any option (pause, change or cancel whenever you need to)                           *drop-ins $20+tax


Our unique business model for group fitness is similar to personal training because we hold members accountable with our reserved class option. With reserved classes you'll always be guaranteed your preferred class time and never have to worry about scheduling yourself in. If you miss your reserved class we'll hold you accountable by checking in with you to see what happened and you'll always have the opportunity to make it up! With our business model you'll never pay for anything you're not using and you'll actually have a gym membership you use and that produces results!


Group Training

functional whole body workouts that cover every body part and movement pattern each week

variety of weight training and body weight movements

emphasize all around fitness, fat loss, strength building and muscle toning

55 minutes

Hot Yoga

infrared radiant heating at 95-100F to help improve detoxification and recovery

Vinyasa for a more challenging class that requires more movement and fitness

Hatha for a more relaxing class that is slower and emphasizes mobility and relaxation

55 minutes



high intensity interval style cardio

fat burning and cardio focused

45 minutes


high intensity cardiovascular workout that incorporates calisthenic and body weight exercises as well as boxing drills and punching bag work. 

55 minutes


high intensity interval training workout that involves a variety of equipment and exercises but the focus is on cardiovascular conditioning and fat burning. 

45 minutes




Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training

auto-pay every 2 weeks - no contract
no minimum or maximum required

30 min - $35+tax
45min - $50+tax
60min - $65+tax

*sessions can be split with up to 3 people 

* Private one on one personal training includes Posture and Core Assessment and online program access through PtEnhance.

Semi-Private Personal Training

auto-pay every 2 weeks - no contract
no minimum or maximum required

create your own small group of 4+ people
privately schedule your own room, equipment and trainer

60min session

$20+tax per person

In-Home Training

train in the comfort of your own home
we'll come to you within 15 minutes of our location

auto-pay every 2 weeks - no contract
no minimum or maximum required

45min - $60+tax
60min - $75+tax

*sessions can be split with up to 3 people from the same social bubble

Customized To fit your needs

We provide flexible programs personalized to your schedule and your goals. 

We are a private facility that is almost entirely by appointment. If you have questions about our services or would like to book a tour and free consultation please contact us.





 871 Niagara St #14 Welland, ON, L3C 6Y1